Garnet "Butch" Martin is considered by Western Music enthusiasts one of the most treasured and iconic American balladeers and cowboy poets. Marvin O' Dell of Western Music Associations says of Butch, "There is no better cowboy poet in the world today than Butch Martin". 

Butch remembers the sound of the whipporwills on his childhood farm in the Midwest and the rumbling of the steam engines on the nearby railroad Westward bound. His mother and father sang together in their country church and Butch began singing as a small child. When he grew to manhood, the city lights beckoned. For a time he lived the life of the corporate executive, but something was missing.  Longing for the feel of a good cow horse between his knees, he headed West to Wyoming where he owned a Morgan Horse Ranch and rode the wind river reservation with friends like Darrell Winfield of Marlboro fame, writing and performing poetry inspired by ranching and the high mountain country.  Butch shared the stage with his peer poets and balladeers Baxter Black, Dave Stamey and Red Stegall, then relocating to Oregon where he settled on a ranch preserving and sharing the history of the West and participating in historic reenactments with his late partner Liz Henderson,  including the 150th anniversary wagon train on the Oregon Trail.   Butch continued to write and perform with his band The Rogue Valley Riders and as a member of Sons of the Oregon Trail and founded Whittler's Corner Radio Show. 

An accomplished author as well as a balladeer, Butch has written the popular children’s book, “Spook, the Adventures of a Wyoming Ranch Cat” which is highly acclaimed by educators who use it in their reading recommendations and he is in the process of finalizing a novel titled, “A Rustle in the Corn”.  Butch is the founder of Whittler’s Corner radio show which airs on radio stations Nationwide and in Europe which he co-hosts with his wife singer/songwriter Christina Lynn Martin. Butch has an extensive discography and his song “Restless Wind” received a GRAMMY nomination.

Butch and Christina produce and tour with  "Romancing the West", the critically acclaimed documentary concert spanning 240 years of the American West, which Christina wrote and they spend much of their time on the road, visiting their cultural partners, including museums and interpretive centers and performing songs from their body of work for audiences while promoting the “Romancing the West” worldwide tours and hosting special events at their ranch home on Cougar Mountain in Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon wine country.

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